Birmingham Parking Authority Board of Directors

  Position Statement on Impending Sale of Multiple Parking Decks

October 22, 2020

As Board Members of the Birmingham Parking Authority we are here in support of the Birmingham Parking Authority, our employees, customers and the public to whom we serve.  The Birmingham Parking Authority operates the seven Public parking decks located in downtown and in the Avondale community.

We are here today because there have been discussions by the City of Birmingham to sell MULTIPLE PARKING DECKS DOWN TO A PRIVATE DEVELOPER OR DEVELOPERS. This could result  in a $42 million asset being sold without regard to future economic impacts, the 70 employees who rely on the Birmingham Parking Authority for employment, and those who rely on our services including tourists and visitors to downtown.

We believe this decision is short sighted and does not take into consideration future events, post pandemic operations and an improved economic climate.

On behalf of the BPA Board, our request is that the leaders (City of Birmingham) take the time to fully conduct a thorough due diligence process to ensure all contracts, maintenance agreement and deferred repairs are considered prior to a decision to sell. To ensure the safety of the parking decks a condition appraisal was recently conducted and there were safety, structural and maintenance issues identified which we are in the process of addressing. However, if the decks are operated by a private owner, it is our deep concern that the parking rates will increase significantly, our employees will be terminated and the needed repairs to maintain a safe environment to park your vehicle may go undone.

Over the past 48 years we have operated the Parking Decks on behalf of the City of Birmingham. We have been able to provide over $1 million dollars annually to the City based on the revenue generated from those who use the parking deck downtown. We anticipate  revenue amounts to the City will increase going forward due to new technology gate equipment we recently implemented in the Decks.  Overall, downtown businesses, their employees, customers and visitors, rely on us to provide easily accessible affordable downtown parking.

It is our belief that an option to meet and discuss these proposed privatization actions allows each party an opportunity to develop an amenable solution benefiting all parties involved.


Birmingham Parking Authority Reaction to Impending Sale of Parking Decks

      October 25, 2020         


(Birmingham, AL, October 25) – The Birmingham Parking Authority’s (BPA) Board of Directors is aware of discussions that multiple municipal owned downtown parking decks operated by the agency since 1972 are for sale to a private owner.  The Board of Directors believes it is critical to communicate directly to customers, businesses owners, tourists and employees about the adverse impact this sale may have on those we serve and support.

City of Birmingham leaders and the Birmingham Parking Authority Board members held a meeting on October 23 to discuss amenable solutions to the proposal to sell multiple parking decks.  The BPA Board is committed to protecting affordable parking downtown and ensuring that the 70 people employed by the BPA retain their jobs.

“We have efficiently operated municipal owned parking decks and lots over the last 48 years. It is our belief that an outright sale is short-sighted and does not provide consideration for an improved financial economy climate, such as parking for the World Games, tourist events and downtown economic development in a post pandemic environment,” said Birmingham Parking Authority Board Member Dora Sims.

The Board understands that the global pandemic has changed the way business is conducted and severely impacted many entities by way of reduced revenues.  The Birmingham Parking Authority has continued to streamline processes, manage needed repairs and implement new gate technologies all while maintaining an efficient system and providing over $1 million annually to the City.

“Our greatest concern as a Board is to support our employees who work daily to ensure the taxpayers, tourists and business owners who lease from us have safe, accessible, affordable convenient parking,” said Sims. Once the $42 million dollar City assets are sold, they are no longer under the control and management of a City agency and the price to park will surely increase.

We, the Board of Directors of BPA, urge the officials at the City of Birmingham to consider all options to preserve interest in these valuable City assets instead of privatizing the downtown parking decks.  Taxpayers, employees and the Birmingham Parking Authority and the public deserve to have this option reconsidered to maintain and preserve these City assets recognizing that future opportunities and future economic growth is on the horizon.


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