Project Overview

The Birmingham Parking Authority is working with city and business leaders, and two national planning, design and engineering firms to create a Strategic Parking Plan that will transform the parking experience in Birmingham and help meet the needs of a growing central city.

The BPA has solicited the help of stakeholders – businesses, workers and others who park downtown – to help guide the development process.

This image is depicting the first slide in a slideshow laying out the Goals of the Strategic Parking Plan. There are three goals with short descriptions:

1. Support Economic Development - Support the growth and revitalization of Downtown Birmingham by serving growth areas, offices, commuters, residents, and events.

2. Create a Unified and High-quality parking experience - Create a quality customer experience across all parking facilities (off-street, on-street, private) and serve as the first choice for parking in Birmingham.

3. Leverage Technology and Innovation - Enhance technology to develop an efficient parking system that is easy to use and increases customer satisfaction and awareness of parking availability.