Validation Instructions


Computer Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • Windows PC with an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)


Connecting to the validation website


Logging into the website

  • Login with your username and password. Your initial username and password are in the following format. User names and passwords are case sensitive.

          User name: emailaddress
          Password: Lastname123!

  • After logging in for the first time, it is encouraged to change your password. To do this, click “account” and then click “Change your password”.



Performing a Validation

  • To validate a ticket, enter the ticket number, or scan the ticket with your connected bar code scanner.

            (Barcode scanners are available for purchase, but are not required. Click here to order a scanner.)

  • Click “Lookup”
  • Select the validation.
  • Enter a comment if required by your company.


  • Click “Submit”



Add/Delete/Edit Validation Users

  • Click “Users” to add/edit/delete your company’s validation users.

  • To Add a new user, Click “Create new account”. If you need to edit or delete a user, use the “Edit” and “Delete”  buttons that correspond to the user.

  • Fill out the information for your new user and click “Create”


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